Get Paid to Follow Your Passions and Live An Extraordinary Life

How to Get Paid To Follow Your Passions

follow your passion and the money will follow Lifestyle Freedom: an intentional, adventurous and meaningful way to design your life, the ability to have complete time and financial freedom, to use your potential, to realize all your dreams and make the world a better place.

Working online is of the most beautiful professions ever!

I think it’s the most beautiful, creative and flexible way to earn an income, follow your passions and be genuinely  free

laptop_lifestyle For me, working in the laptop lifestyle kind of happened by accident, but it’s one of the greatest blessings and one of the best decisions I ever made.

It took me a some trial and error and a little while to figure out how online business works, but from years of doing it and lots of experience I found  all it takes is understanding a few principles and then implementing them consistently, long enough until you have a thriving business doing work you love.

laptop lifestyle review I honestly believe ANYONE can experience great success that puts in the effort.

The barriers of the past don’t exist anymore, the internet is an open source and it’s not complicated!

More than anything its very creative, very rewarding, beautiful work that only takes a few hours a day to THRIVE.

If life is so precious, why do we do so many things we don’t like? Life is unnecessarily stressful and too much effort is wasted living unfulfilling lives.

work-makes-me I beg you: Don’t follow the masses. Don’t waste it in something that doesn’t make you feel alive with great joy and passion.

Work from your laptop and get paid to do what YOU LOVE.

love_more_001 Below is a simple blueprint to working online, creating wealth and living the life of your dreams….

 1. Create a Grand Vision For Life –  Your True Goals and Dreams

living the dream Write down what your dream lifestyle would look like? If your life could be anything you wanted, what would it be?

Think of the impossible, the crazy, the meaningful stuff that’s buried deep down in your heart and soul. (Forget the realistic, boring stuff you’re told you have to do).

From morning to night what would you LOVE to be doing?

1459061_10152442699009358_1076706853_n Where would you live? How would you spend your time? With who?

How would you like to impact the world, what goals would you like to achieve?

When you have a clear vision in mind it’s not hard to achieve!!

2. What Are Your Biggest Passions?

live the life of your dreams What fascinates you, makes your heart beat, makes you feel alive?

What things interest you a lot, do you love to learn about, master, spend your time immersed in and love doing….?

(try and list 10 to 20 things you are very passionate about)


3. What Kind of People Do You Want to Touch and Inspire With Your Work?

Who would you like to help, impact and make a difference to?

Who would you like to serve? What kind of people do you love?

Are they adventure seekers, stay at home moms, Vegans and people who live a compassionate lifestyle, people who want to retire early and be financially independant, fitness and health enthusiasts, philanthropists and people who want to make the world better, parents who want to give their children the best life, students, avid learners and people who love to master new skills, travelers, artists or free spirits who want more out of life than a 9 to 5?

What problems and challenges do they have? What are their goals and their dreams?


Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy. – Jim Rohn

4. What’s Your Favorite Creative Form of Expression?

Which creative medium do you love the most or could you enjoy doing consistently?

* Pictures / photography

* Writing / blogging

* Videos, Vlogging / film

* Social Media / content curation

tax deductions for filmmakers Choose 1 medium you would like to master

Online the money you make is a symbol of the value you create

You’re not paid by the hour, but by the value your bring to others lives.

This is a really significant difference to working in a job where you have limits on your creativity, how much you earn and the impact you can have. 

5. Choose a Great Company To Work With

creative and flexible way to earn an income Ideally one that lets you earn from your laptop from anywhere in the world and lets you earn a high income.

This is important as there are many different ways to earn online, (some are much more difficult than others).

This company is one of the most effective ways to create wealth working from your laptop(and get paid to follow your passions). Click here for a more in depth review.


6. Register Your Business and set up your books to receive Tax Deductions for Self Employed

There are many tax benefits you will receive from starting an online business (even before you’re in profit).

alternative ways to make money Learn more about all the benefits here and how its an excellent way to accumulate wealth even faster.

7. Create An Effective Daily Plan of Action

How many hours per week would you like to work? Which days? What specific activities will you do?

Working online you can leverage your time, earn a good income while you learn and earn from your work for years to come by implementing an excellent daily plan of action

create-865017_1280 A good daily plan of action to build a thriving online business consists of 3 things:

1. Create content – create something beautiful every day to serve and help others, solve problems, inspire, educate and add more light, love and sunshine into the world

2. Get it out into the world, get found and touch others- there are so many ways to share what you create online (through social media, fb ppc, search engine optimization, subscribers etc)

3. Grow and improve, read great books, listen to podcasts, learn new skills and master your craft

❤ Be a Doer, A Massive Action Taker, a Finisher and have Follow Through and The Most Beautiful Things will happen to you from working online ❤

live a better life in 30 days

 8. Be Consistent for 12 – 24 Months / Become Free Permanently

When you have a sufficient body of work online and have mastered new skills you should be able to earn a terrific income every month doing what you love.

That’s the easiest, most effective and most creative way I know of, how to be very successful online and be completely free.

following your passion in life

I believe following and realizing your dreams is something really meaningful that you can bring to the world.

People who follow and live their dreams are full of happiness and joy make the world a better place.

The world needs more leaders with good hearts and bright souls to impact the world.


If you’d like any help on how to get paid to follow your passions and make this breathtakingly beautiful profession a reality for you too, message me through Facebook or here.  I’d be happy to help.


Receive my exclusive training on how to be free and work from anywhere in the world

Wishing you immense success and happiness in everything you do.

With Love and Service

Eliane xx







Social Entrepreneur, Business Acceleration Expert, Adventure Seeker, raw foodist, Lover of Humanity, Earnestly Trying to Make the World a Better Place & give my Heart and Soul to my Friends ♥

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99% of people don’t think exceptional things are possible. That makes it surprisingly easy for the other 1% to achieve exceptional results. – Tim Ferriss

what is your dream life earn money from your laptop from anywhere in the world all_you_need_is_wifi_and_a_dream

Tax Allowances For Self Employed – Why Becoming An Entrepreneur Can Significantly Increase Your Wealth

Tax Allowances For Self Employed

 Strategies to Increase Wealth

tips to live a better life

Learn why starting an online business is one of the most powerful ways to legally save thousands in taxes every year and permanently increase your financial security.

The perks of a home-based business are many:  freedom, independence, better lifestyle, creative, enjoyable, meaningful work, leverage, flexible hours and amazing tax advantages!

By having a home business you are legally entitled to many tax advantages you would otherwise not be entitled to.

tax_allowances_for_self_employed (2)

This can make a big impact to your financial security and the amount of money you have and get to keep.

Income taxes are one of the highest expenses you’ll ever have in your life (more than the cost of your house or your children’s University fees).  There are genuine ways to lessen your tax costs and legally keep a LOT more of your yearly earnings.

honest tax deductions

Income tax puts an unfair burden on the middle and lower classes (the majority of the population) and is one of the reasons 95% of people in the world struggle to survive, live paycheck to paycheck, have less than $500.- savings in their bank and are literally 3 paychecks away from being destitute.

california tax brackets

Lack of money is one of the main causes of suffering in the world and why it’s even more important today to make smart financial decisions that can dramatically impact your life. By becoming an entrepreneur and implementing legal tax deductions, you can experience much greater financial security and peace of mind and will have a lot more money to use on more important things in life.

By legally reducing your income tax, you will have way more money to decide what YOU want to do with it…..


With more money every year, you can pay off your credit card / student loan or any other debt, give your family a better life, explore the world, support amazing charities, have more time for your friends and loved ones, increase your savings, travel more, experience life more deeply, buy organics and support ethical companies, get solar panels for your house, buy an electric car,  do more fun hobbies, make your community and city better, live in a better neighborhood, build water wells, fund schools for the poor, positivily impact many lives, buy land and plant trees or do anything meaningful to you that extra money would provide….

travel the world permanently

By becoming an entrepreneur, you will free up and have a lot more of your money to be used for any other purpose you choose.

Every strategy I explain below will reduce your taxes honestly, legitimately and with the full approval and blessings of the tax department. This also applies to most countries in the world.  I have found that governments are very helpful to Entrepreneurs and will go out of their way to be of service to you.


Tax Strategies vs. Cheating On Your Taxes – Big Difference!

Cheating Your Taxes / Tax Evasion = illegal activity, something to never do!!!

Using Legal Tax Strategies = honest tax deductions your Government gives you the full approval to implement, more financial security and peace of mind, more freedom and more money to do good in the world and have more funds to lead a spectacular life.

live a better life in 30 days

*When you implement strategies to lower your income taxes, please inquire first with your local Government what you are legally allowed to deduct,  keep all your receipts and keep sound, honest bookkeeping practices.


Tax strategies are positive, legal use of the tax laws to reduce your income taxes.

Take advantage of the tax laws by doing exactly what the government has made laws to allow you to do and keep thousands of dollars per year in income by becoming an entrepreneur.

With the way the world is heading, there has never been a better time to start a flourishing online business, get paid to follow your passions, be free and use these legal tax deductions to keep more income, save thousands every year and do more beautiful things with your life.


Below are legitimate tax write-offs that your home based business qualifies you for:

Tax Allowances for Self Employed: Home Office

Growing your company out of your home allows for immense flexibility and benefits over renting or buying office and warehouse space.

In short, the cost of any workspace that you use regularly and exclusively for your business, regardless of whether you rent or own it, can be deducted as a home office expense.

home office deduction 2016

A good way to do this is to prepare a diagram of your workspace, with exact measurements to substantiate your deduction (in the case your tax department does an audit so you can legitimately show your deduction).

The expenses you can deduct for your home office include the business percentage of deductible mortgage interest, home depreciation, property taxes, utilities, homeowners insurance and home maintenance that you pay during the year.

For example, if your home office occupies 17% of your home, then 17% of your annual electricity bill, property taxes, mortgage interest etc becomes tax deductible.

simplified home office deduction

People who work for companies whose headquarters or branch offices are not located in the same city, or outside salespeople who often use their home office as a base, can often use these deductions. Even employees who do administrative paperwork in addition to their regular duties that require an outside office environment can use their expenses as a deduction.

Tax Allowances For Self Employed: Upgrade Your Office

home office deduction form

If you’ve been thinking about a new desk, office chair, bookcase, task lamp, or other office furniture, keep in mind that these are all allowable deductions if they are used for your business.

Tax Allowances For Self Employed: Business Travel

If you work from home, you can deduct all business related travel expenses from your taxes. You can deduct travel expenses incurred by traveling to business meetings, conferences, meetings, masterminds, or other business events.

digital altitude leadership retreats

Tax Allowances For Self Employed: Car Business Expenses

If you use your car: all mileage done to run your business is tax deductible. If you have 1 car, you can track the km/miles and keep a diary of mileage used for business.

keep a notebook in your car and document everything from the miles you drive to where you were going, tolls paid, etc.

When you know exactly the percent (how much you use your car to run your business) you can also deduct the business portion of the car expenses such as insurance, petrol, repairs, maintenance, and depreciation from your taxes.

tax benefits of leasing a car

You can also deduct car leases used for business, parking and toll fees, as well as bus, taxi and other travel fares that are involved in transport costs for running your business.

To use the actual expense method, you calculate the percentage of driving you did for business all year as well as the total cost of operating your car, including gas, oil changes, registration fees, repairs and car insurance, so if you spent $3,000 on car operating expenses and used your car for business 20% of the time, your deduction would be $600.

business use of car

Keep a Mileage Log: Keeping an accurate logbook of business travel maintained for an entire year is the best evidence to support your motor vehicle expense claims.

For each business trip, keep a log listing of the date, the destination, the purpose of your trip and the number of kilometers you drive.

tax deductions for artists

If you travel to meet a client, perform a job outside the home, purchase business supplies, conduct research, filming for video production or do any other kind of activity for your business, you can deduct these travel costs too.

tax deductions for filmmakers

Tax Allowances For Self Employed 

Flights/Conferences/International Travel

Did you attend a conference this year? Do you travel to meet a client? If so, you can deduct these expenses.

Deductible travel expenses include the cost of transportation to and from your destination for business purposes (such as plane fare), the cost of transportation at your destination (such as a car rental, Uber fare or subway tickets), lodging and meals.


Tax Allowances For Self Employed 

Business Related Education Expenses

You can deduct the costs of qualifying education. This is education must serve a bona fide business purpose of your business.

This is education (books, trainings, courses) that maintain or improves your skills needed in your present work. You can also deduct the expenses for qualifying education even if the education could lead to a degree.

qualified education expenses

Deductible expenses – The following education related expenses can be deducted

Tuition books, supplies, lab fees, books, trainings, courses and similar educational items.

Advertising Expenses.  If you run fb ppc or paid ads, do paid publicity and marketing of your business the entire cost is tax deductible.


Tax Allowances For Self Employed

Utility Business Expenses

Electricity: Electricity is an indirect expense that is shared between your home and your office. You are allowed to deduct the equivalent percentage that your home office is to your entire home.

Water: Like electricity, this is an indirect home expense and can be deducted in the same manner as electricity.

Gas: If you use gas to heat your home, this is also considered an indirect expense and can be deducted in the same manner as electricity and water are deducted for your home office.

Internet: Most home businesses today require the use of the internet. You can deduct the percentage of your bill used for your business.

Phone: You can deduct your business phone and fax from the taxes. The key is to only deduct the expenses directly related to your business. If you have only one phone, you shouldn’t deduct your entire monthly bill, which includes both personal and business use. You should only deduct costs that specifically relate to your business.


If you have a second phone line that you use exclusively for business, however, you can deduct 100% of that cost.

Tax Allowances For Self Employed

 Business Running Expenses

Computer Software, programs, required memberships, any software or services you need to run your business in a tax deduction. For example website design, autoresponders, hosting, domain names etc

Professional Subscriptions: If you pay for any industry related subscriptions, you can deduct the cost paid.


Tax Allowances For Self Employed: Office Supplies

Don’t forget all the paper, ink toner, postage, paperclips, etc. that you purchase. These are all fully deductible (provided you can prove you’re using them for your business).

Tax Allowances For Self Employed - Business Equipment

You can deduct any business equipment needed to run your business. This can include laptops used solely for business, drones, cameras, filming equipment, tripods etc

Tax Allowances For Self Employed: Business Meetings  Taking a Client Out for Lunch

write off meals self employed (2)

Business Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners

Taking a client to lunch or having a business meeting with partners is a legitimate business expense. Check with your local Government how much of this deduction your countrys tax laws allow. In the USA you can deduct 50% of the meal, not the whole thing.

can I write off food on my taxes

As an example Sam, a business professional, brought her new client to lunch to finalize their contract. The meal came to $74 including tips and taxes, so she was able to deduct $37 as a business expense(if this was done in the USA using their 50% tax rule). Sam keeps the receipt and on the back, writes down the date, the client’s name, as well as a few notes on the business matters discussed.

when meals are 100 deductable

Tax Allowances For Self Employed: Family Employees

Hire your responsible son to keep inventory for your business, or your daughter to implement specific social marketing strategies to grow your business. This results in an additional business expense deduction for you, as well as income for your child. Be sure to document all the hours worked by family members (or any employees you hire) and make sure to contact your tax department first to clarify what you are legally entitled to deduct.

paying family members in business

Tax Allowances For Self Employed: Your Health Insurance

Self-employed individuals (including sole proprietors) may be able to deduct the cost of health insurance for themselves and their family.

However, you can’t deduct your insurance for any time when you’re able to participate in an employer-subsidized plan (i.e. through your spouse or partner). Check with your local government what health insurance deductions you’re allowed to make.


Any expenditures you make for your business are “business expenses”  and can be deducted as such from your taxes.

The expense amounts may be eligible to be subtracted from your income… and can reduce your taxable income.

And if you were getting a refund… you would receive a larger one. If you have to pay some taxes… that amount would be reduced. It’s basically like getting a large discount on what you have to pay and that can amount to as much as 30-50% discount, depending on your individual tax numbers.


In any tax deductions you make, keep accurate records. You want to be prepared to turn over a neat log of all business expenses, complete with dates, amounts and confirming documents, receipts or papers when appropriate, to have all the records necessary for your Government to substantiate all your tax deductions.

When you keep good records, your home business will be in good shape to reap maximum benefit from our tax system, receive many tax benefits and allow you to save thousands of dollars every year.

Many people worry about their taxes only during tax season. However, you can save a fortune in taxes, legally, if you make tax planning your year-round concern.

Tax time is a stressful time for many people. Change this, start a business, deduct all the tax allowances you’re entitled to, keep a lot more of the money you earn and make tax time something you look forward to.

Maintain Accurate Records

While the tax department allows taxpayers numerous opportunities to save on taxes, it’s your responsibility to keep accurate records to prove your deductions (in the event of an audit). Collecting and organizing your records throughout the year will make it very easy to prepare your return.


To stay on top of tax matters, make it a habit to do all of these things throughout the year:

Maintain at least three years worth of tax returns and records

Keep your checkbook stubs

Retain and categorize your receipts from all purchases throughout the year

Track cost basis for property and taxable investments

File all your bills in organized folders

Journal your deductible items as they occur (I do this daily – it only takes 1 or 2 minutes, keeps everything super well organized and makes keeping tax records a breeze).

are home utilities tax deductable

Starting an online business is one of the most rewarding, creative and fulfilling things you can do. It’s also one of the best ways to receive legal tax deductions, create wealth faster and become financially independant.

If you haven’t started a laptop business, take the leap today. There are endless amazing benefits (apart from the tax benefits) will bring so many beautiful things into your life.

self employed allowable expenses list

If you’re interested to learn how we get paid to follow our passions, travel the world and never have a job, sign up to my free newsletter here, or message me through Facebook here or contact me for a complimentary business consultation and I can share with you exactly what we do, why this is one of the most beautiful and rewarding professions to work in and how this can work for you too.

Wishing you immense success and happiness in everything you do.

Much love from

Eliane xx

eliane carbajal

If you start a home business, I wish you a wonderful, incredibly rewarding and spectacular journey that greatly enriches your life and makes this one of the best decisions you ever make.

Anything I can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



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control money

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*If I haven’t listed your country above, get in touch with your local Government. I’m sure they’d be happy to help.






Digital Altitude Review

Digital Altitude Review

digital altitude partners

Welcome to my Digital Altitude Review

I want to share with you why I think Digital Altitude is an excellent business, why it’s the most effective vehicle to live the laptop lifestyle, earn a high monthly income, be free, follow your passions and make a difference in the world.


Digital Altitude . . . . . .❤

Before I joined I heard a lot of buzz about this company online and saw how many people were having success with it.  I also saw a lot of my friends and many top marketers join and tell me how special it is.

So I decided to investigate (I always do very thorough research before I join anything) and it’s very important for me that a company is ethical, honest, built on strong foundations and genuinely helps people.

Below is all the information on Digital Altitude (the company, the founders, the products, the compensation plan and the community) so you can make an informed decision if it’s for you or not.

I hope you find this review insightful and helpful. ❤

digital altitude company vision

Digital Altitude Vision


The Vision of Digital Altitude and Why it was Created

Technology is evolving at lightning speeds which has created opportunity no generation before us has ever had access to.

It has allowed people like Mark Zuckerberg (and millions of others) to take an idea he had in his dorm room and through the internet and hard work use it to impact the world and become one of the worlds wealthiest men.

And the same opportunity exists for you! Whatever dream is in your heart, you now have the tools and resources at your fingertips to manifest anything you want (and you don’t need anyone’s permission).

You can use it to create your own economy, get paid to follow your passions, profoundly impact the world in a positive way and become financially free.

This is the reason Digital Altitude created an educational incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs, marketers and dreamers, which would allow them to harness the power of the internet, new technology, platforms and ideas and go and create big things.

And we don’t believe going it alone is the answer either. It’s our goal to provide starters, marketers and dreamers with the shortcuts, tools and resources to turn their drive into thriving, profitable Digital Businesses.

Test the Digital Altitude System for $1.- here

Digital Altitude strives to provide the most outstanding educational incubator and community of like-minded people that are here for you to help build and amplify your successes.

We want to help  you create true freedom so you can spend more time with your family, friends and those you care most about.

A business should give you more time to spend on the things you like, with the people you love.

laky larapa

Digital Altitude was not designed just for business people. It was designed for moms, dads, high school graduates, waiters and waitresses, passionate creatives, college dropouts and anyone in between.

You don’t have to be a businessman or woman in a suit to have a successful company.

The world wants you and your ideas, just the way they are.


All it takes is the PERFECT system to leverage, the right mentors to take you by the hand, and a community that cares about one another and about YOUR success!

Packed with over 100 years of combined experience and success from the industry’s thought leaders and doers and a proven system that really works, this has everything you need to achieve massive success online.

Digital Altitude has carefully crafted a product line that creates not just the foundation for success but gives you the map and all the tools to climb to the top step-by-step. We will be here with you every step of the way!


What is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is a process driven, e-learning, high ticket training system focused on facilitating entrepreneurs to start and massively scale their digital business from their laptop.

This is a legendary, disruptive moment in the online business industry and a new way of doing business online. Digital Altitude is built with ethics, integrity and provides a fully inclusive system that fills the gaps so many other companies are missing.

Digital Altitude launched in late 2015 by a former marine and longtime internet marketer veteran by the name of Michael Force.

It took many years to develop and millions of dollars investment to create the platform it is today.


The management staff are all experts in their own right and have years of experience in the internet marketing space. They have given their knowledge and experience to create a suite of the highest quality Digital Information Marketing products to help the average person succeed in building a thriving online business.

Online business with an ethical model is one of the most effective ways to transfer wealth and help the good and the kind and to change the status quo and make a meaningful difference in the world.

The idea behind creating Digital Altitude was to create a visionary educational incubator with high quality training and support for entrepreneurs and for anyone who has a dream of pursuing success.

Something very unique about their system, is it has everything built into it. Digital Altitude provides the most comprehensive online, proven business system with an EXCEPTIONAL infrastructure.

I have never experienced such a professional, well thought out, effective system, which does all the heavy lifting for you. It truly is a hands off system that does everything for you. All you need to do is drive traffic!

Digital Altitude teaches you step by step how to start and grow a very profitable online business with their comprehensive platform.


Digital Altitude – Giving Back

Digital Altitude is an entrepreneurial movement that strives to be a force for change to help as many people as possible have a better life. 

Its goal is to help millions of individuals become financially independent through an ethical and honest business model and to genuinely make a difference in the world.

Whilst empowering individuals to create their own economy, Digital Altitude also gives back by helping poor communities and people in need.

Digital Altitudes founder and leaders providing bicycle’s to young underprivileged girls from poor communities in Mexico:

Digital Altitude Giving back


Ethical Business is the fastest way to create positive change and make the world a better place.

Join us in this freedom model and help us touch millions of lives and increase and support all the good in the world.

Muhammad Yunnis

Find out why our system is so unique and special: join here

Digital Altitude Review – The Company

Digital Altitude offers a unique business opportunity for anyone who wants to build a successful business from their laptop.

Digital Altitude is a 3-tiered High Ticket Affiliate Program that provides an ethical income opportunity worldwide.

If you aren’t familiar with the term High Ticket, it simply means you receive much higher commissions from building your business than you can from a standard online business, a network marketing company or by promoting typical affiliate offers(like Amazon and Adsense).

Digital Altitude also includes an excellent residual payment payment plan that lets you build a very stable ongoing monthly income.


Whether you’re an experienced marketer or completely new online (and don’t have any previous experience), you will receive everything you need here to succeed.

Test us out and receive complete access to the Aspire Digital Marketing System for only $1 here


Experience it for yourself from the inside and see what we’re all about.  With our risk free $1.- trial you can decide whether you would like to make the commitment to build a business with us.

When you join with our $1 trial you will receive access to our comprehensive business training system, receive a welcome phone call from a business success coach and your first free 1-on-1 coaching session to go over your goals and provide you with a game plan and how this system and our community can get you there.


If you ever felt stuck or held back from pursuing your passions or you’ve dreamt of big things, but didn’t know how, Digital Altitude provides the most comprehensive system that has everything in place for you to achieve massive success and be a catalyst to reach your goals.

As you progress through the Digital Altitude system, you’ll discover that its the only Internet business system that allows you to have your business running at full steam after your first few weeks, and eventually on auto-pilot making money for you. That’s the goal. Total freedom.

Digital Altitude Founder Michael Force

Who is Michael Force?

who_is_Michael_Force Michael Force is the owner and creator of Digital Altitude.

He a highly tenacious and savvy strategist who has has built a proven track record of success and is a known for helping people excel in online business.

He is a former U.S. Marine and over the last 15 years he has become an industry leading digital business expert, speaker and entrepreneur who built his first multi-million dollar business by the age of 27.

He mentors and coaches thousands of students online and has helped create many 6 and 7 figure earners.

Michael is a visionary who has poured his heart and soul into creating the Digital Altitude company to give back to the community.

He has dedicated his life, money and time to pursue his vision for building a better opportunity in this industry, to let individuals harness their potential and create a better future for humanity.


His focus on helping others win is truly beautiful. Those who choose to lock arms with him know how dedicated and passionate he is to help others succeed.

Digital Altitude is the culmination of Michaels life’s work and his company was established with the Marine Corps values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

Michael has a refreshing approach where he doesn’t promote with hype, but instead with actions and results.

He is very soft spoken, kindhearted, holds high values, teaches you in terms that are easy to understand and he is very good at what he does.

Here is a short video from Michael Force:


The leadership of a company is a HUGE factor. The integrity of the leadership team and the vision of Digital Altitude is something I really stand behind and resonate with.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


Digital Altitude Back Office

My first impression when I logged in was everything is very beautifully layed out and very easy to navigate.

Digital Altitude’s highly aesthetic and intuitively designed software platform, marketing system and support express such high quality and the program that has been put together is consistent and seamless.

Digital Altitude is one of the most effective business systems available and it takes great vision and effort to build something this comprehensive.

The system takes you through a simple process, from getting started to mastering new skills to becoming very successful online.  It provides excellent training, support, tools and resources (and a team of experts to do the hard work for you) to ensure your success while climbing to the top.

Experience our business system for yourself with our $1.- trial here


Digital Altitude Business Coaches


There are many things I love about this program.  One of them is the amazing coaches that help everyone succeed.  This is one of the best features in the program and what distinguishes it from everything out there.

When you first sign up you receive your very own personal coach.  This is not a virtual coach, but instead a real person you can reach out to and talk with, to help you to become successful.

As you go through the system, you will be provided with additional coaches to give you personal mentorship and guidance every step of the way on all the aspects of building a very successful online business.


The coaches are experienced and trained professionals, are very down to earth, they are not high pressure sales and they go out of their way to help you (and your team) understand the training, implement the system and become successful.

eli y Princessa

This makes your journey so much easier, it makes all the information very digestible and lets you and your team make the fastest progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Not only is it 100% free for a coach to call and help you and your new members, but they are really fantastic at what they do!

They ensure you and all your new members are plugged into the system and have access to all the resources that will help them to reach their income goals.

Another huge benefit of this is the leverage. The system is very effective and does a lot of the hard work for you.


If you’re an experienced marketer who’s built a team of a significant amount of people in a business, then I’m sure you know that it can get very stressful when everyone on your team is confused about what to do.

Your team starts sending you email after email and blowing up your phone and Facebook because they feel you’re their only source for support.

As an online business owner, your objective is to create freedom and make a difference. Not be a personal tech/support agent for every individual member on your team.

If you were, very quickly you would feel burnt out and your business of time freedom turns into an around the clock day job.

Digital altitude customer support

With Digital Altitude, their system and success coaches are real people who work very hard on your behalf to help you and your team, so you can focus on what matters most.

With the help of an experienced team of professional coaches who work on your behalf, your business will be very enjoyable, easy to manage, will provide great results and give you complete time freedom.

Digital Altitude provides a fully turnkey business building service to work on your behalf.

If you would like to use the coaches to make your sales for you, (in exchange for 20% of your tier 1 sales) they will do all the hard work for you of generating sales and training your team). This is an outstanding feature because the coaches are excellent at what they do.


The whole idea of this system is to automate the entire process of making high ticket commissions, training your team and helping people get results.

Your job is to simply to send people (traffic) to the pre-made landing pages and when they join for a $1.- trial, the system and the coaches take care of the rest of the work for you.

You can decide whether you would like to coach and train your team and close sales by yourself or have a coach do this for you.

If you use the coaches, they will leave very detailed notes for you about each of your members, so you can keep an excellent overview of everything happening in your business and with your team.

The coaches in Digital Altitude are very experienced, professional, kind and help you build a very successful business.

Join here for the $1.- trial and take us up on our offer(we send you $2.- back through Paypal just for trying our system out)


I’m sure you will love our system very much and I’m very excited to work with you. ❤


Benefits of Digital Altitude

The Laptop Lifestyle gives you the luxury of waking up when you like, working from anywhere in the world, being super creative, using your potential, working your own hours, not having to answer to anybody, having complete time and financial freedom, being able to be with your loved ones anytime you like, meeting the most beautiful people, making new friends, realizing your dreams and getting paid to follow your passions and make a difference in the world.

The best part is, the money you earn from working online as a genuine business only takes a couple of hours a day and then you have the rest of the day to yourself to experience and enjoy life and be the adventurous, free spirit you were born to be.


You can do your business in your pijamas, your bathers, whilst chilling at the beach, at any hour of the day in any location and the best part is ANYONE can do this.

And we will show you how step by step…  join me in the breathtakingly beautiful laptop lifestyle here:


Digital Altitude Benefits:

100% digital products – receive immediate access, no shipping required

Worldwide opportunity – build this business in EVERY country in the world

Location independence  – Work from anywhere in the world from your laptop

Done for you system – prewritten sales tools, capture pages, sales staff, coaches, team support, team training

Full training provided – no previous business experience necessary

high ticket commissions – earn a very high monthly income

Professional Coaches and sales team – have other people do the hard work for you so you have time freedom

Residual income – create financial security and real peace of mind

Find your spirit, and no challenge will keep you from achieving your goals. – Christopher Penn


Digital Altitude Aspire Business Customer Service and Support

Digital Altitude has customer service representatives available for you 24/7 – 365 days a year.  Your personal coaches are available to speak with you and support you by live chat, phone calls, Skype and Facebook.

They are very responsive in handling your technical issues and help you every step of the way to build a very successful online business.

Also as you go through the system if you get stuck anywhere, Digital Altitude have excellent customer support to help you.


Digital altitude Testimonials

A lot of people are experiencing exceptional results and success with Digital Altitude (even people who are very new online or have never made a high income before).

Hundreds of people from all walks of life  are getting phenomenal results with our system.

These are screenshots from results from a typical day inside Digital Altitude.


digital_altitude_results backoffice












Digital_Altitude_System_works_001 You can achieve the same results too!!

Digital Altitude has created a unique system to help YOU step by step to achieve excellent results online.

Earnings Disclaimer:  While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent all the products and services reviewed on this website and their potential for income, it should be noted that earnings and income statements made are incomes from hard working individuals of what is possible. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and the earnings and income statements differ by individual. To read our full income disclaimer click here


Lifestyle Freedom: an intentional, adventurous and meaningful way to design your life, the ability to have complete time and financial freedom, to use your potential, to realize all your dreams and make the world a better place.

Everything that you want, all the bliss, all the joy, all the love, all of the abundance, all of the prosperity, it’s there, ready and waiting for you to grab a hold of it…

Join here with a $1.- trial


Digital Altitude Reviews – The Product Line


Digital Altitude’s products are designed to help someone with no experience or technical knowledge master internet marketing, online business and teach them how to reach their income goals.

Digital Altitude offers six very unique and effective business and marketing products that will guide you through exactly what to do to become very successful online.

The suite of digital products are structured like reaching the peak of a mountain and are arranged into a series of courses which stand alone on their own while also complimenting each other to form a truly transformative experience. 


As a student of Digital Altitude you start as a Walker, a Hiker or a Climber. By the time you reach the Apex level you will truly be a master and digital marketing expert that has the foundation to realize immense success.

Every product has a welcome letter, instructions, PDF and step by step videos that show you exactly how to use the strategies effectively to build a very successful business.


Aspire Membership

Aspire Digital Business Success System

Do you want to start a laptop business… But you don’t know where to start? Do you want to learn how to get paid to follow your passions? Or maybe you’ve already started a business and you want to get better much results. Digital Altitudes Aspire gives you access to the best resources to get started on the right track.

digital altitude aspire

The digital Altitude Aspire memberships include:

60+ Hours Of Digital Business Video Trainings: 7 simple steps to start-up, set-up and promote your business.

Private Digital Client For Life Coaches: Exclusive 1 on 1 access to the world’s best coaches who will help you reach your goals.

7-Figure Sales Funnels & Websites: Automated sales funnels designed by 7-figure marketers to automate the sales process.

Follow Up Sequences & Sales Automation: Discover how to follow-up, automate and  leverage your effort for bigger profits.

The Digital Altitude Aspire Membership contains 3 membership levels and is the entry level product of the program.

The Aspire Walker, the Aspire Hiker and the Aspire Climber.

There are three memberships to choose from:

how to get into online business

Aspire Walker:  $37 per month

With this membership, you will have access to:

The start-up training videos

The members area

1 tier payout and a 40% commission on each sale

Residual commissions

Weekly Training Calls

If you would like to take a test run with the Aspire Hiker membership, you can try it for 14 days for $1.- here

things needed to start an online business

Aspire Hiker:  $67 per month

With this membership, you will have access to:

Start Up Training Videos

2 Tiers of Payout and 50% commission

Residual commissions

Members Area

Weekly Training Calls

Live Hiker Training

Sales Assistance

Tools & Resources

If you would like to take a test run with the Aspire Hiker membership, you can try it for 14 days for $1.- here

procedures to start an online business

Aspire Climber: $127 per month

With this membership, you will have access to:

Start-up Training Videos

Residual commissions

3 Tiers of Payout to You and Lucrative 60% Commissions

Monthly Conference Calls

Resources & Training Tools

Client For Life Coaches

Weekly Training Calls

Live Climber Training

Additional Sales Funnels

Sales Assistance

Members Area

If you would like to take a test run with the Aspire Hiker membership, you can do so for 14 days for a low fee of $1. here

how to start an online business from scratchAffiliate Membership $17: this isthe standard affiliate monthly payment that entitles you to receive commissions from the products.

Digital Altitude provides bulk pricing options, discounts (in case you would like to purchase several products at once), funding and financing.

This is a very proven business system that works, you can earn income at any level you are at and it can genuinely create success for anyone earnestly seeking financial independence who is willing to put the effort in.

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. – Thomas Alva Edison

Base – Digital Business Mastery Course

$597 One Time Investment


The “Base Digital Business Mastery Course” is an advanced training course to teach you how to create a solid foundation for success within your first 90 days online.

The first 3 months of any business are crucial, setting the direction & whether it will be one of success. BASE helps you in those crucial early days, with shortcuts, tools and resources to fast track your digital business’ success.

Training modules included in the Base Digital Mastery Course


Section 1: Prepare

We understand starting a business can be intimidating. This section takes the pain out of the startup phase by laying a solid foundation for lasting success.

Module #1 Setting the right business goals and preparing for your path to success.

Module #2 The fundamentals: business planning, entity formation, business banking & accounting made easy.

Module #3 Create captivating branding and design that kicks your sales engine into overdrive.

Module #4 Establishing your web presence for massive traffic & conversions.

work online from home and get paid

Section 2: Launch

The key to a successful business launch is getting off on the right foot. These modules are designed to lay the right foundation for the first 3 months of your business, setting you on the best course early.

Module #5: How to launch your business so customers find you.

Module #6: How to create a powerful social media campaign to get the word out.

Module #7: The 5 key secrets of analytics that drive results.

Module #8: The 5 things every entrepreneur must do when launching a business.

how can you earn money online

Section 3: Grow

So – you’ve got your business up and running. What do you do next? This section instills the most important principles for continued–or increased–growth after your launch.

Module #9: How to run lean, bootstrap & optimize your business for long term profits.

Module #10: Create a captivating customer experience.

Module #11: How to build a cult-like-tribe that stays with you long term.

Module #12: How to build automated systems that save time and make you money while you sleep.

The Base Membership is $597 One-Time Investment and if you purchase Rise it is included for free.

Rise – Digital Marketing Mastery Course

$1997 One – Time Investment


Rise digital marketing mastery is a foundational “business basics to advanced mastery” course that provides shortcuts, tools and resources to fast track your digital business’ success, focused heavily on tactics and strategy around sustaining the first 3 months of your business.

Training modules included in the Rise Digital Mastery Course:

internet marketing work from home

Section 1: Commit

Learning to market can be intimidating–but the rewards are so worth it! The modules in this section are aimed to prepare your mind and plan your route so it ends with success.

Module #1: Making A Commitment To Success As A Marketer In The Digital Age.

Module #2: The Fundamental Mindset Shift That Will Generate More Success Than Any Other.

Module #3: How To Use The Irrationality Of The Market To Your Favor To Create Buzz For Your Products.

Module #4: The 80/20 Rule Of Customers: How To Find The “Elusive 20%” Who Generate 80% Of Your Sales, And How This Can Free You.

define target customer

Section 2: Customer

90% of marketing is knowing your customer–their wants, needs and desires. Once you’ve got that, you’re golden. Section 2 reveals how to “get inside your customer’s mind” to solve their problems and add massive value to their lives.

Module #5: How To Identify The Emotional Trigger Buttons In Your Prospects that Inspire them to Buy.

Module #6: How To Identify And Attract The Perfect Customer 99% Of The Time.

Module #7: How To Harness The Timeless Art Of Direct Response To Lower Customer Acquisition Costs.

Module #8: Why The Unique Demands Of The Information Age Require You To Become An “Educational Marketer.

steps in target marketing

Section 3: Create

Copywriting (otherwise known as sales writing) is the main weapon in your internet marketing arsenal. In Section 3 you will learn how to craft marketing messages that ignite an “overpowering” desire in your customers to own your products and services.

Module #9: How To Create A Brand Name That Sticks In Your Customers’ Mind.

Module #10: How To Instantly Trigger A Powerful Desire In Your Customers’ Minds That inspires them to do business with you.

Module #11: How To Create Tiered Marketing And Product Sequencing To Capture Repeat Sales.

Module #12: How To Create A FREE Tripwire Front End Product That Will Have Your Visitors hungry To Join Your List.

working online Section 4: Words

Now that you have learned the basics of copywriting, it’s time to take it to the next level. In section 4 you’ll learn how to write and attract prospects with powerful content.

Module #13: Discover The Secrets Behind High-Converting Headlines That generate More Sales.

Module #14: Get Your Audience To Relate To You With A Personalized Brand Story And Build Credibility & Trust.

Module #15: How To Craft Amazing Copy That Will Sell Anything, Even If You’re Not currently A Good Writer.

Module #16: How To Craft The Perfect Marketing Message To Attract The Perfect Customer.

fight the forces of evil

Section 5: Partners

Making connections with other marketers is the key to “next level” success… It can lead to referrals, affiliate sales and more. In Section 5 you’ll learn how to leverage joint ventures and other people’s lists so you become an authority and get people chasing you down.

Module #17: How To Easily Create Ads That Generate Massive Response And Boost Your Sales.

Module #18: How To Partner With Others To Sell More Of Your Products And Services.

Module #19: 3 Simple Steps To More–And Better–Referrals.

Ascend – Digital Business Profit Workshop

$9997 One – Time Investment


To really succeed in marketing, you need to “go deep.” Top marketers get where they are by building connections with–and learning from–the world’s most respected experts. ASCEND, A 3-Day all-inclusive retreat for two, is your opportunity to learn one-on-one from the world’s top business thought leaders… All under one roof.

Training modules included in the Ascend Digital Business Profit Workshop

success is never an accident

Day 1 Agenda

Traffic is the foundation of internet marketing, the basic ingredient without which nothing gets done. On day one you will learn how to find and scale traffic to implement the highest converting funnel strategies.

Top 5 Most Profitable Traffic Sources: 5 Little known places where you can generate overflowing rivers  of traffic incredibly cheap!

6 Strategies To Scale Traffic: How to scale your traffic from a small initial trickle all the way up to millions of hits.

7-Figure Conversion Hacks: Little-known “secret ninja copy techniques” that all the 7 figure marketers use today.

3 Powerful Funnel Formulas: Discover precision-engineered funnel formulas that convert right-on-the-money in any niche.

internet marketing jobs from home

Day 2 Agenda

Your brand is what makes your business, your business. It’s the public face that identifies you as something unique and unforgettable. On day two you will learn all about how to craft your personal brand and story, and become a legend.

The Power Of A Personal Brand: How to create an instantly-recognizable personal brand that creates incredible conversions.

How To Tell Your Story: How to tell an unforgettable story that places your brand into your audience’s imagination.

Finding The Guru In You: How to tap into your own “inner reservoir” of experience and package it into a winning product.

How To Master Video: How to harness the power of video to create lasting connections with your customers.

how to build a business from scratch

Day 3 Agenda

Together with traffic, conversions are a key ingredient in the online marketing formula. On day three you will learn how to increase conversions, create content, outsource tasks, and build a team to leverage your time.

Increase Conversions With Analytics: How to leverage the power of analytics to send your conversions through the roof.

How To Create Amazing Content: Create fascinating, engaging content that leaves prospects eager to own what you’re selling.

How To Work Smarter With Outsourcing: Use outsourcing to lower costs, leverage your effort, and increase profit.

How To Build A Team: Discover the “power of duplication” and how it can literally “multiply” your sales exponentially.

Peak – Digital Business Prosper Retreat

$16,997 One-Time investment


You have your business off the ground… Are you ready to take it to the next level? PEAK is a 5-Day all inclusive retreat for two that brings the world’s top thought leaders in business success, management, and leadership directly to you. It’s success training like you’ve never experienced it before.

Training modules included in the Peak Digital Business Prosper Retreat:

One of the locations where Digital Altitude holds their world class live events:

Day 1 Agenda

To grow your business, you need to scale–That means, leverage your operations for growth. On day one you will learn how to scale your business to the next level and create more profit in the shortest amount of time.

How To Scale Your Digital Business: How to take your business to the 7 & 8 Figure levels of revenue, and beyond!

Creating Joint Ventures: Make contacts with key players in your industry and massively expand your reach.

Adding Massive Value: Find out how to add massive value to your products and services and get your customers hungry for what you’re selling.

Find The Best Talent: How to hire the best, most talented people for the most affordable prices.

eli x

Day 2 Agenda

Accounting, management and law are the “nuts and bolts” of business. Not the most glamorous part of biz–but with tons of power to unleash profit. On day two, you’ll learn how to to build your business on a solid foundation for future success.

6 Strategies For Awesome Accounting: How to manage your accounts to save big on expenses and taxes.

Creating A Solid Organization: How to build a team that will drive sales and propel growth at your business–even when you’re not there.

Motivating A Winning Team: How to motivate your team so they are as dedicated to growing your business as you are.

Prepare Your Legal Entity: How to set up the right legal entity, protect your assets and keep taxes to a minimum.

best jobs for free spirits

Day 3 Agenda

Getting sales is one thing–growing sales consistently is another. On day three you will learn how to increase sales within your business to ensure a profitable, long-term Digital enterprise.

7 Sales Growth Strategies: Learn the leading sales strategies that are working now to maximize your LCV.

Creating Powerful Presentations: How to create powerful sales presentations that set your revenue into hyperdrive.

Creating Customers for Life: The 4 “must know” strategies for creating lifetime customer loyalty.

The Power of Influence: How to become an “influencer” and command the respect of your entire market.


Day 4 Agenda

An efficient business is a profitable business. On day four we’ll focus on how to increase your business’ efficiency to maximize your sales and conversions over the long run.

Time Management & Productivity: How to manage time so you make more money while working less.

Create More Efficiency In Your Business: Find out how to ‘grease your business’ wheels’ so it runs faster & smoother.

How To Automate 80% Of Your Business: Discover how 3 new technologies can automate most of your business and save you time.

Create More Time Freedom: How to automate and outsource your business so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

exceptional freedom

Day 5 Agenda

Sometimes, it’s best to learn from other peoples’ mistakes. On day five we share winning entrepreneurship strategies as well as mistakes to avoid. In these 4 modules you’ll hear real stories of businesses “crashing and burning” and how you can avoid them.

How To Raise More Capital: You’ll learn 3 powerful tactics for raising instant capital for your business.

Create More Cashflow: How to “put your cash flow on overdrive” and get even more new income streams.

The 5 Big Financial Mistakes To Avoid: Learn to avoid these 5 mistakes and  ensure you’re on the fast track to success.

How 7-Figure Earners Did It: Hear stories from those who were once in your shoes and how they reached their dreams.

Apex – Digital Business Legacy Experience

$27,997 One-Time investment


A pro is someone who succeeds; a champion is one who leaves a lasting legacy. APEX is a 7 day retreat for two where you’ll learn the art of wealth building, real estate and asset management from the undisputed champions of these industries. Apex is a world class, outstanding business training event.

Training modules included in the Apex Digital Business Legacy Experience:

Day 1 Agenda

We get into business to be set free, not to be trapped. Yet for many entrepreneurs their business can feel more like a cage than freedom. On day one of Apex, we will show the richest entrepreneurs put systems in place to build their “dream” lifestyles.

digital altitude leadership retreats

How To Become Financially Free: 5 key steps on the path to freedom, and how to walk them effortlessly.

How To Create Additional Income: Discover little known ways to create diversified income streams and profit.

Build Streams Of Cash Flow: You’ll learn how to add more streams of cash flow to pad your bottom line.

Secure Your Retirement Income: 5 strategies to secure an autopilot retirement income that pays you while you sleep.

hammock-411122_1280 (3)

Day 2 Agenda

Ever wanted to beat Wall Street at its own game? Believe it or not, its actually possible–regular people CAN get ‘one up on Wall Street,’ and in fact, it’s relatively easy to do so. On day 2 we will be looking at some of the investing secrets Wall Street DOES NOT want you to know about.

How the rich get richer: simple strategies that every rich person knows yet almost no middle class people do.

Fund your investments with opm: how to invest with other peoples’ money and enjoy 100% upside, no downside

Take control of your financial future: how to take control of your finances in 6 easy steps.

How to beat wall street: the #1 advantage that you have over “wall street geniuses” & how to use it.


Day 3 Agenda

The ultimate key to financial success is to make money work for you. The best way to do this is to invest. On day three you will learn how to create long-term wealth and keep it growing for decades, all thanks to the power of intelligent investing.

Boost your financial IQ: learn the 3 steps to boosting your financial iq to “genius” level.

Leverage secrets: How to harness the power of leverage to grow and scale your business.

Invest like the rich: discover the closed door investing secrets of the rich and powerful.

Create long term wealth strategies: 9 simple, but little known long-term wealth strategies the wealthy use every day.


Day 4 Agenda

Everything in life comes from mindset. Think like a rich person and you’ll likely end up rich. On day four you will learn how the wealthy think and how to harness their mindset yourself for more success.

The Inner Game of Wealth: Discover the way wealthy people think and how to replicate them.

How To Stay Wealthy For Life: Learn the 9 top-secret ways the wealthy stay wealthy, & how to use them.

Your Financial Thermostat: Why 99% of people’s thermostats are way off when it comes to money, and what to do about it.

The Law Of Attraction: Discover why your relationship with money repels or attracts it to you.

alternative ways to make money

Day 5 Agenda

When it comes to money, it’s all in the details. There are a million and one “little things” we all have to keep on top of to stay financially fit… Master them, and you’re set for life.On day five we get into the nuts and bolts of wealth creation and how to build a solid foundation.

Win The Credit Score Game: Discover the 7 ways you can create a better credit score effortlessly.

How To Create Your Own Bank: You’ll learn a little known strategy the rich have used for decades.

Create A Tax Free Retirement: Discover how to rid yourself of taxes during retirement–100% legally!

How The Rich Use IRA’s: How the ultra rich do IRAs differently from the rest of us, and why it matters.

asset protection strategies

Day 6 Agenda

Profit predators–vultures who want to claim a piece of your profit pie–are a sad reality of life past a certain level of income. On day six you will learn how to legally protect yourself from the profit predators and  keep your legacy safe.

Awesome Asset Protection: Discover 4 strategies to help create better asset protection in your portfolio.

Ultra Rich Legal Tax Strategies: the tax strategies of the ultra rich aren’t nearly as complex as you think–but they’re very  effective.

Risk Managment Tactics: How to minimize your exposure to risk When you invest your earnings.

Annuity Analysis: A new way to analyze annuities and choose the best option for you.

Beach house

Day 7 Agenda

Real estate–it’s the most practical investment, and only one that you can develop to increase its value. On day seven we’re going in-depth on real estate and how to leverage those assets to create a long-term legacy that will last for generations.

Rising real estate: discover how to invest in property successfully from some of the world’s top real estate pros.

Hidden markets & no money down: learn how to find hidden markets and create no money down deals.

Wholesaling & rehabbing profits: discover how to explode your profits with wholesaling and rehabbing.

Time tested tax liens: discover the little known but lucrative tax lien strategies that can save you big time on tax day.

Holiday house

Digital Altitude Compensation Plan

Digital Altitude have created a very lucrative compensation plan, that pays both high commissions and provides monthly residual income.

You can earn up to 60% commissions over 3 tiers with commission payouts of $15, $37, $76, $127, $270, $900, $4,500, $7,650 and $12,600.

Digital Altitude’s compensation plan is well thought out and is an excellent way to become financially independent.

Here are genuine income testimonials from people all over the world (from all walks of life) experiencing phenomenal results by implementing what we teach with this business:

Click here to see more Digital Altitude Testimonials from members of our team.

The Digital Altitude business model is outstanding and the compensation plan is very lucrative.

The platform is well thought out, the success coaches are very experienced and are good at what they do and this system is a very effective vehicle to create time and financial freedom and build a thriving, successful online business.

To invest in Digital Altitudes courses, there are bulk pricing options (and discounts if you would like all the products at once) and there are also payment plans and financing available. Speak to your coach about it.


I live in a third world country, the average monthly income is $250 USD per month and I was able to make it work and have success here and SO CAN YOU!

No matter what your circumstances are, you can become very successful. Its not about how many resources you already have or whether you have a lot of money, but instead its about how resourceful you are, your work ethic and your determination to succeed.

Nobody is given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true. Richard Bach


Feel free to send me a personal message on Facebook here: and reach out to me with any questions you have. I’m at your service ❤

If you would like a more in depth overview of the Digital Altitude Compensation plan and products, Download the 85-page PDF here:

The best way to make an informed decision about Digital Altitude and see if its for you or not, is to experience it from the inside(and go through our trainings) with our risk free 14 day $1.- trial here



Digital Altitude Car Payment Program


Digital Altitude offers all its affiliates with a special car payment program.

When you earn the following commissions in your business for a minimum of 3 months you will receive the following bonus payments (additional to any commissions you are currently earning) to cover car payments:


$5000    monthly income  =  $500 towards a car payment

$10,000 monthly income = $1000 towards a car payment

$15,000 monthly income =  $1500 towards a car payment

bmw car programthe-time-is-right-for-electric-cars-in-fact-the-time-is-critical-403x403-nk99m0

Digital altitude car bonus program“When I was in college I wanted to be involved in things that change the world. now I am.” – Elon Musk         ❤


Who Should Join Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is for anyone who wants to build a successful online business, who wants to work from their laptop, have a better life and be free.

It’s designed for newbies and professionals alike, for entrepreneurs, marketers  and anyone who wants to make money online.

In Digital Altitude you will be trained and coached every step of the way to six figures. You can learn while you earn and work at your own pace.

You can start the Digital Altitude Aspire System for a $1 trial for 14 days, which gives you plenty of time to check it out with full access.

Join me in Digital altitude with a $1.- trial here


Is Digital Altitude Legitimate?

From all my research Digital Altitude is one of the most solid, ethical, professional online businesses available. Its built on very sound leadership with a proven business system.

It is definitely one INCREDIBLE program that was built with a large vision and with the goal to help as many people as possible.  I have never seen anything like this and feel very happy  and blessed to be a part of it.

This business is ideal for the person who wants to live the laptop lifestyle and is prepared to put in the work to receive the rewards.

It is less than a year old and is quite a new program so not many people will have heard of it yet.

It’s backed by millions of dollars, it has very solid and stable leadership and has a proven track record of success.

The level of coaching and guidance is outstanding.  I have never experienced such an impressive system, such a heart centered supportive community and outstanding coaches provided in Digital Altitude to help you every step of the way to ensure your success. I’m sure if you join us you will love it too.


Get the best training in the industry to help you achieve your personal dreams and goals…


Try our 14 day trial and test drive the system

But don’t join to just to try it out…

Join so you can change your life

Click Here To Try it For $1 dollar Today

Remember, this system will make you money as long as you take action on the training.

i want to travel the world

The training is VERY easy to follow and done for you in steps so you can digest the information easily.

This program is the best way to live the laptop lifestyle and be free. It’s a real online marketing education and proven system that works.

Here’s the thing. Its NOT a JOB! It’s a BUSINESS and just like any other brick and mortar business that requires both a startup investment, dedication and work, along with an ongoing advertising investment, the same will be needed here for you to scale up from a part-time income to a full-time income.

travel the world jobs

Digital Altitude will work for anyone who is determined to make it work! It has already proven to be of exceptional value to its many members.

Because Digital Altitude has such a comprehensive system, there is a very high success rate.

When it comes to how long before you make money…It will all depend on how fast you implement the steps and take action.

With the Digital Altitude System, you can start for $1 for fourteen days. You can make money at whichever level you’re at and how much you earn only depends on your commitment, determination and work ethic.


You are welcome to do everything according to your budget, goals and time available and we are here to support and help you every step of the way.

If you put in the work and follow through diligently, you WILL make money with the system.

Join here for $1.-

i want to travel the world where do i start

My Personal Opinion of Digital Altitude

This is by far one of the best home business opportunities I have ever come across.

It has very solid foundations, excellent leadership, elite level products, a super active helpful, warm community and I honestly beleive anyone can succeed who puts the work in.

I feel really happy to be part of this professional, ethical, heart driven company and beautiful community and feel very blessed to be able to build this business opportunity.

There are so many terrible, spammy, unethical programs out there only out to rip people off and teach nothing and give no real value.

Digital Altitude is very different and is like a breath of fresh air.

The way Digital Altitude is put together is very easy to understand and follow.  It has videos, summaries, PDF’s, checklists, personal coaching and helps you succeed no matter what your preffered learning method is.

online learning platforms

This ensures you have a thorough understanding of fundamental online principles as you move through the system.

You can always discuss what you learned with your coaches and as you start implementing, you have a beautiful community, fantastic leaders and supportive coaches here to help and guide you every step of the way.

This is one of the best converting, effective systems I have ever seen.

This company is terrific and I can only see it getting better from here on out. Join me and receive access to a system that can truly change your life for the better in so many ways.



Digital Altitude is an exceptional business opportunity and provides a genuine way to earn a full time income online.

I hope you found this Digital Altitude review helpful.

If you have any questions, or there is anything I can assist you with, reach out to me on Facebook here: and let me know your thoughts in the comments below or contact me here.  I’d be honored to help.

Wishing you immense success and happiness.

With Love and Service

Eliane xx


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