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 An Effective Daily Strategy for Terrific Results


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To become very successful on the internet and earn 5 figures or more per month; for most people is a very elusive, out of reach and misunderstood phenomena. 

I can tell you from the many courses I’ve bought, strategies I tried and things I tested until I figured it out, I totally understand why.

Of course there are multiple reasons why people fail online(one of the main reasons being that most people don’t take action), but another big reason is most people don’t have a clear daily plan of action that will get them results.  

By following a simple daily strategy that is effective, you will quickly put yourself on the highway to success!

And if you take consistent action for long enough, I can promise you, you will get results that will exceed any expectations you have!!!

When you start your own daily strategy, keep in mind that all meaningful goals are reached by small daily actions and even if your results in the beginning seem invisible, don’t be disheartened! 

Your success is much closer than you think!

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Effective Daily Plan of action:

1. Create 1 piece of content each day. (either a video, blog post or article) Try to give as much value and make it as useful, helpful and inspiring as you can.  

The more quality content you put out, the more traffic, backlinks and sales you will get and the more places people will find you.

Be consistent and really try to produce 1 piece of content every single day. Consistency will beat talent anyday!!

follow your dreams

2. Promote your content:  Promoting your content is just as important as creating it!

You can promote your content on:

Your personal Facebook wall, Facebook page and groups

Google +


Linked in  


Through Pingler – this tells the search engines about your content.

Through syndication channels like Tribepro & Empireavenue

To content sharing sites and/or video distribution sites and high quality fiverrs.

By doing this it will 1# get you a lot of friend requests from targeted people and 2# will get you a lot of traffic for your blog.  These are the exact things most people lack in this industry (traffic and a following).

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3. Comment on 5 blogs in your niche.  This is a great way to connect with other bloggers, to get genuine traffic back to your blog and to build backlinks to strengthen your site. Just make sure your comments are high value and add to site of the blogs you leave them on.

4. Email your subscribers. Send your new content to your list.  Try to always send your subscribers really valuable content (useful tips and videos, good advice and solutions to problems are experiencing).  This builds the relationship with them, lets them know you care and when the timing is right for them will let you have the most beautiful people with the same vision join your team.

5. Listen to a quality training every day to improve your skills and master internet marketing. Each training you do, take notes, implement what you learn right away and use it to create fresh content.

To improve your skills even faster, you can also listen to audio trainings while you‘re in the car, doing sport and in any downtime you have.  This will immerse your mind with good thoughts, will expand your mind and give you new ideas, will positively affect your subconscious mind and attitude and help you in many more ways than you can imagine!

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6. Expand your Network.Make 20 to 30 new connections with people each day on different social networks.  

Start a Conversation with 10 people via Facebook IM, Linked in, Youtube, Skype or Facebook Email…

When they respond back, find out what business they are building, how they market online, invite them to a free training or webinar and send them your blog post or something of value that can help them.

The more you interact with your following and really care, the more they notice your content when you post it!

Also as you connect with others, don’t just look at them as prospects or leads for your business. When you create genuine connections and relationships, you’ll be surprised at how many of them join you in your business after they get to know you first.  

An additional way to grow your network is to send status updates to your most important social platforms(Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest) each day.

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7. Advertise – this will help you speed up and compound your results. Even if you don’t know anything about paid marketing, by trying things you will find out what does and doesn’t work and anything that gives you good results you can continue and increase.

8. Read good books for 15-30 minutes each day.  Read books on leadership, influence, sales, marketing, excellence, personal-development and anything that will improve your skills.

Make your life better

9. Make small daily improvements  Master excellent habits (ie a terrific attitude, increase your self-discipline, your time management, your focus, visualize your most important goals, take massive action, leverage your time and get in the top 1% of the industry by being committed and consistent).

“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.” – Wallace D. Wattles

You should be able to complete all the above tasks in just a couple of hours of your day.  By working on the most important tasks and by putting your heart into your work, you’ll get better at everything you do, you’ll start to think clearer, you’ll meet so many gorgeous souls, you’ll get spectacular results and everyday you’ll have a great sense of fulfillment and joy.

I wish you a terrific week and hope this plan of action makes your online ventures easier, more fun and much more rewarding.  If there’s anything you do in your daily strategies that I haven’t mentioned, that have really helped you, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Wishing You Immense Success

Eliane xx

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  1. Hannah says

    I really like your one post a day idea. Maybe we bloggers could set up a posting challenge and circulate prompts to one another? It’s always easier to meet goals with some social support :)

  2. Eliane Carbajal says

    The idea behind creating content every day is to become really good at it. Mastery happens fastest through repetition. Its also a terrific way to get clear thoughts and to become an expert at serving others. I totally agree with you about social support!! Through collaboration magic happens(and its heaps more fun!!)

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