WordPress Best Plugins for SEO, Traffic and Serious Results

WordPress Best Plugins


WordPress is one of the most user-friendly, feature rich and outstanding platforms you can use to build your blog or website.  Not only can it help you rank very high in the search engines, but it has plugins and widgets that will let you do almost anything you can imagine.

The following are some of wordpress best plugins that can greatly increase the functionality of your blog, can increase your traffic and makes it easy for your readers to interact with you, sign up to your list and share your content.

Whilst there are many excellent wordpress plugins, it’s not good to clutter your site with them either as wordpress runs better with fewer plugins.  So when you add any to your blog, choose the essential ones you think you would benefit from the most.

WordPress Best Plugins

All in One SEO Pack:  This wordpress plugin is a great tool to enhance the SEO for your blog. It allows you to add and specify your own  meta title, tags, descriptions and keywords to your posts (which helps your content to get picked up and rank much better in the search engines).

Google XML Sitemaps:  This plugin will generate a sitemap compatible for your wordpress blog which lets the search engine spiders find and crawl your site.

MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer:  This useful wordpress plugin prevents your blog from getting tagged as a ping spammer and potentially blocked from important sites (which can affect your traffic). WordPress blogs are set up to automatically ping your fresh content and this plugin makes sure it only sends pings for new posts,(instead of each time you edit or update an existing post).

WordPress Database Backup:  This wordpress plugin is an on-demand backup of your WordPress database, so you always have a copy of your files (and all your hard work is always protected) if anything ever happens to your blog. This plugin is super important and I recommend scheduling a database backup at least once in a week.

WP Super Cache:  This plugin makes your site load much faster! What it does is store a static version of your site resulting in really fast load times which helps your sites overall success (people don’t like waiting for pages to load).

Facebook Comments for WordPress:   This wordpress plugin installs a Facebook commenting widget below all of your posts which increases the amount of commenting and allows visitors to share their comments on their Facebook wall.

Digg Digg Social Sharing:   This wordpress plugin  adds floating social media icons to allow your readers to easily share your content on various platforms (and help your content go viral and get natural backlinks). When you have a community and use these icons on your blog, they also create social proof and credibility. This plugin includes all the most important social media buttons like(Facebook share button, Tweetmeme, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Googlebuzz, Facebook like, Tumblr etc).

Facebook Social Plugin This wordpress plugin adds your Facebook business page and lets your visitors like your page straight from your blog. It’s great to increase the community feel of your blog and ofcourse the more fans you get, the more traffic your blog will receive.

Google AnalyticsThis wordpress plugin provides you with fast and reliable website traffic tracking data: including views per author & category(to understand your demographics better), automatic tracking of outbound clicks, bounce rates, pageviews and how much traffic you are generating from all different sources. It’s also a useful  tool to measure the increasing success of and what to improve on your blog.

All Related Posts:  This connects your current posts with other relevant posts on your blog, so your visitor easily finds more useful content and stays longer on your blog.

What would Seth Godin do:   This cookies visitors(who are new and returning) and allows you to make personal messages for them(ie, welcome back, join my newsletter, leave a comment etc).

Thank Me Later  This wordpress plugin automatically sends a follow-up email to anyone who leaves a comment on your blog, thanking them for taking the time to comment. This plugin adds a real personal touch, lets your blog readers know you care and will often increase return visitors.

WP Touch:   This cool wordpress plugin will optimize your blog for smart phones(instead of your visitors having to pinch and zoom and press the wrong buttons).  If you’re anything like me and you’re sometimes up late at night too excited to sleep, (under the doonah reading websites on your phone), or out and about using the spare moments of time to do something productive,  and find it so lush to read websites on a mobile optimized version, this plugin will make your blog an enjoyable experience for them no matter where they are.

WordPress best plugins that aren’t free but that can help your blog in more cool ways:

SEO PresserThis is a very powerful wordpress plugin that lets you know exactly what you need to optimize in your content(on page) to rank higher in the search engines for your keywords. It works by showing you a numeric score and areas to help you identify any areas of improvement. It’s a very useful SEO product especially for anyone new to SEO or who has little or no experience inoptimizing their content for the search engines.

Action Comments: With this neat wordpress plugin, whenever someone posts a comment under one of your blog posts, there is a small check box they can click to join your mailing list. A very useful plugin to build your list faster.

These WordPress plugins will help your site be heaps more user friendly,  will grow your list faster, will  increase your traffic and will make your blog an exceptional tool to help produce results for you whilst your out enjoying life.

I’d love to know what you think are the best WordPress plugins, which ones you personally use and if you’re currently using any of the above?  Do you have any other WordPress plugins that you would highly recommend?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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